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site-specific dance and public art walking tour through Downtown Pittsburgh


Rivers and Roads: a site-specific dance and art walking tour is a features a unique pairing of Downtown Pittsburgh's public art and architecture with contemporary dance.

Inspired by the grand architectural designs of churches, historic buildings, sculptures and how the body reacts and relates to these shapes, this tour will take audience members through parts of exquisite Grant Street Corridor as they follow a group of brightly dressed dancers interacting with each unique setting through solo improvisations, human sculpture creations, and group movement studies.


Premiere: September 14, 2019

Length: 44:00


stories of order, chaos, displacement, balance, burden, and belonging


Rendering Home is a dance piece that showcases personal perspectives of home and the varying stories that inevitably follow; both the stories of displacement and uncertainty as well as those of hope and restoration.

Situated around numerous memories and experiences, a cast of five dancers piece together their stories of home as they wrestle with themes of order, chaos, displacement, uncertainty, balance, burden, and belonging. 


Premiere: November 9-10, 2018 - Union Project

Length: 54:55


Rendering Home was made possible by our generous supporters: Chris + Cindy Brock, Emily Caudill, Kelly Craig + Mike Flynn, Marcella Day, Cindy Dehls, Allison Donahoe, Delaina Doshi, Angela Essler, John + Fran Flynn, Ned + Jodi Finn, The Furfaro Family, Deonna Gandy, Dave + Rene Garson, Tracy Gibson, Gene Goodwin, Tony Goodwin, Molly Grossman, Nick + Caitlin Guerra, Marianne Hazen, Tiffany Holtzman, Kevin Hommel, Dave + Theresa Jackel, Jess Joseph, Kay + Chuck Klink, Kim + Jay Koch, Sarah Koch + Bryce Gray, Bethany Logan, Debbie Carleton Minda, Eileen Ong, Molly Scott, Becky Sebo, Jessica Spencer, Jen Soble, Kelly Vitale, Gabrielle Yarshen, Jody Yurcich, and Michelle Worth.




Standing in the Gap is a dance piece that explores the ideas of visibility vs. invisibility, desperation, and inner turmoil so often experienced with life on the streets. This piece was inspired by personal conversations with humans of Chicago, IL and Pittsburgh, PA who were currently experiencing homelessness. This piece aims to share the reality of their stories, confront the poverty present in our nation, and advocate for an end to their struggle. 

Maiya Elliott Photography


Premiere: February 2-3, 2018 at Keshet Dance + Center for the Arts

Length: 7:03


Standing in the Gap was made possible by Keshet Makers Space Experience at Keshet Dance + Center for the Arts in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



Courdance presents Global Water Dances - a global initiative dancing for safe water everywhere

North Shore Riverfront Park - Pittsburgh, PA

Streamlines - June 2019

Carnegie Museum of Art // Third Thursdays: What a Feeling! - Pittsburgh, PA

Gloria! - December 2018

Courdance presents Rendering Home // Pittsburgh, PA

November 2018


Ohio University // Athens, OH

Standing in the Gap - October 2018



Small Plates Brooklyn // Triskelion Arts - Brooklyn, NY

Standing in the Gap - October 2018


Small Plates Richmond // Dogtown Dance Theatre - Richmond, VA

Standing in the Gap - June 2018


EMERGENCE Choreography Festival // The Edge Theater - Chicago, IL

presented by Alluvion Dance Chicago


Phortion - June 2018


Freshly Squeezed Showcase // SpringUP Dance Festival - Allentown, PA

presented by Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange, Cedar Crest College

Standing in the Gap - April 2018


SHELTER: Crafting a Safe Home // Society for Contemporary Craft - Pittsburgh, PA

Rendering Home - February 2018


Keshet Choreographer's Showcase // Keshet Dance + Center for the Arts - Albuquerque, NM

Standing in the Gap - February 2018


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