adv/pro contemporary forms

*open company class


Our company classes align with our mission to build courage, empathy, and resilience in dancers of all ages and in all seasons. Join us for our Contemporary Forms class!


These 75-minute classes are geared toward the advanced/professional dancer and will include a somatic-based (and sometimes improvisational) warmup. We will move through traditional exercises, creative prompts, athletic floor work, improvisation, and dynamic movement while building the courage to try new phrases and connect with our deepest selves.

Due to COVID-19, our company classes are currently on hold. Stay tuned for more info regarding classes and workshops

this summer! 

brain dance + movement fun

* babies/caregivers (0-12 mos).

Join Courdance director, Kaitlin Flynn Goodwin, for a 30-minute movement adventure that will allow you to move, groove, and explore with your baby through Brain Dance, songs/rhymes, some stretching for you (caregivers), and an introduction to infant massage.

We’ll join together virtually to strengthen a community of moms/dads/caregivers working from home and give our babies our best selves. Babies don’t need much, but they do desire your presence, your time, your voice, and your loving touch.

This class is appropriate for ages 0-12 months, but ALL are welcome. Please email for more info.

The Brain Dance sequences through eight fundamental movement patterns of early development, which wire the central nervous system. These patterns the babies move through during their first year of life are VITAL to how they will walk, dance, and think through the world.

Fridays in May @ 11:00AM EST

Instagram Live (@kaitfly) and Facebook Live (Courdance)

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