The COVID-19 crisis has deeply affected the ways in which we live, work, and play. Play is how we as artists create. Due to our shelter-in-place mandate, we are unable to host rehearsals and continue developing work for our 2020-21 season. This has inspired us to bring our studio ideas into our homes, where we will create, play, and improvise with the Choreo-Q Challenge.


During the first two weeks of May (May 4-18), we’ll be sharing daily improvisations based on the word inspirations YOU give us!

For 2 weeks, you’ll give us words- maybe words you love or feelings you are experiencing- and we’ll internalize them, improvise, and share via Instagram! Each day we will ask for new words and each subsequent day will feature a new post from our artists. At the end of the month, there just may be some new creations (and a Zoom performance of them!!!)

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @courdance to submit words and join in on the fun by dancing your own improvisations! #ChoreoQChallenge 

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